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For many, their own house bank is the first point of contact when it comes to a loan. Compare the conditions quickly and easily and choose the product that best suits you. We’ll explain how it works and how to best use it. And … you have chosen us again as the best sustainable bank.

If you want a real deal, you shouldn’t just search for local service providers and credit institutions in the region. But a comparison of loans in the region has to be made. Who is granted a loan in Aachen? For a quick, instant payment loan that does not provide the Foundation’s information, the employee’s income must be increased.

If you need a loan in the private lender region, you will probably submit an installment loan to a private lender. It can also pay off for people with low incomes to have a loan. Where can I get a loan on the best possible occasions in the Aachen region? Of course, there are local service providers that are almost nationwide for every resident in Germany, including in the Aachen region:

But there are also cross-regional and online loans:

How do I get a loan in the region?


The following conditions must be met: If you buy a vehicle or your own house in Aachen, you have tangible assets that are kept as security for the house bank. This means that the risk to the lender is lower, instead of taking out a non-targeted loan, for example, to have a holiday.

A trip is therefore not a safeguard for the creditor. As far as we know, the examination procedure for loans to private individuals in the Aachen region is becoming increasingly timely. Even if they are not instant loans, banks and institutions often check after a few weeks whether the desired amount is paid out. The two take on a new loan and replace the other.

Would you like to set up a customer account or take out a loan?

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Depending on your needs, you can customize the product details such as the loan amount, the monthly installment or the duration and request it easily in a dialog. Best banking products. A group of experts independent of banks selects all money products from the Money Store.

Chat instead of shapes. A money store expert will guide you step by step through the product registration process after your product selection. Once all details have been clarified, you will immediately receive the contract documents as a PDF document in the chart. In the Money Shop, you can get to know the best money products from our banking partners and apply them easily. We currently market the money products of the following banks in our money shop: Opening a loan or account has never been so easy.

The Money Store specialists support you personally and without any problems in filling the product application directly in dialogue. Here you can inquire at any time and interrupt the application process and start it again later. You can also find out in real-time about the success of your application and receive your electronic contract documents immediately in dialogue.

You also have the opportunity to view and rate the portraits of our money market experts. Our money transaction experts and the respective house bank will only find the information that is absolutely necessary for the application of the product or the conclusion of the contract when registering the product. There is no data exchange between the various banking partners.

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