Credit without Credit bureau query comparison.


Not so long ago there were only a few offers for a loan without Credit bureau, but the situation has changed completely in recent years. For this reason, it is very important to use a loan without Credit bureau query comparison before deciding on a particular loan.

This comparison can be performed not only at any time of the day or night, but also seven days a week, including Sundays and public holidays.

Use loan calculator

Use loan calculator

A loan without a Credit bureau query comparison is updated daily. This gives the future borrower the certainty that he can always access the latest offers. In this context, it would be very important to use a loan calculator that can present an exact result at any time.

Such a loan calculator is very easy to use even by non-technical experts. The prospective customer would only have to enter the required loan amount and the desired term. After pressing the “Calculate” button, he will receive a list within a few seconds, in which the loans are listed without Credit bureau.

This list contains detailed information on the interest rates, the monthly loan installments and the terms of the loans.

Application and approval

Application and approval

Anyone who has found a suitable lender after a loan without Credit bureau query comparison could submit the loan application on the Internet. Even if a loan without Credit bureau can only be granted abroad, there is no need to travel there and see a bank advisor. The application and approval can be processed entirely via the Internet and, if necessary, by post.

Lending from abroad requires that the borrower has a secure and regularly recurring monthly income. The question of whether the Credit bureau information is positive, neutral or negative does not matter at all. Other prerequisites that must be fulfilled are full legal capacity and permanent residence in Germany.

On the basis of individual personal factors, the foreign lender basically decides who he can grant a loan without Credit bureau to. The loan amount can be transferred to the checking account or paid out by post. In the latter case, there is a great chance that nobody will learn anything about the loan, not even the house bank.

This gives the customer the guarantee that their creditworthiness will not be negatively affected. There are also two different options available for repaying the monthly loan installments. The borrower could go to the post office counter every month and deposit the agreed amount of money there or have the installments debited from his checking account.

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