Loan for mini jobbers.


A loan for mini-jobbers affects those target groups who have very little income. In order to ensure that living expenses are fully covered, another material source is needed that has a direct impact on the fulfillment of the requirements. In the Federal Republic of Germany, such parts of the population generally receive Good Finance or are in vocational training that leaves enough time for additional earnings. Criticism at

Credit for mini-jobbers: Good Finance recipients with additional earnings

Credit for mini-jobbers: Good Finance recipients with additional earnings

A mini job is usually not enough to cover the full basic needs. There is still a dependency on the employment agency. As a result, the banks largely deny the loan. The self-generated income is not sufficient for the safe repayment.

Credit for mini-jobbers to secure training

Credit for mini-jobbers to secure training

Anyone earning something as part of a degree can increase this additional income with a loan for mini-jobbers. The banks assume that the training ensures future solvency. A basic requirement is, of course, clean Credit Bureau information. If all the necessary documents are available, there are different forms of credit for mini-jobbers. In addition to the generally known German State Funding, the eligibility of which depends on the income of the parents, the student loan is probably the most common form. The main advantage is the fact that the repayment period only begins after the training.

The cheapest option is the Cream Bank, which was founded after the Second World War (1948) with the plan to mobilize the German economy. From this state side, there has been a form of credit since April 2006, which aims to enable all interested parties to obtain the same funding. On this basis, the general principles of the contract conclusion can be easily understood. There is no credit check and other collateral is completely disregarded. All that is required for the application to be approved is German citizenship or that of another European country, and in addition the age of 44 must not be completed.

To ensure the cost of living, a first-class alternative to the usual German State Funding is required. However, it should be borne in mind that the costs are comparatively higher. In contrast to the granting of a fifty percent grant, this is offset by a fully interest-bearing loan. Which variant offers more favorable conditions is therefore completely out of the question.

A major advantage, however, is the variable payment amount, which leaves the choice between $ 100 and $ 650 open. The student is free to decide how much of his monthly support should be. The total time limit is 14 semesters. Within this interval, the monthly budget can be quickly and easily adapted to personal needs via the Internet.

Conclusion – credit for mini jobbers

Conclusion - credit for mini jobbers

Even if the demonstrable income results only from a mini job, the status of the student still promises good prospects for a small loan that relates exclusively to private purchases. The offers of the trade are probably the cheapest option, since they are given completely free of interest. Larger purchases based on payment by installments usually do not pose any problems at all. Proof of enrollment is usually not sufficient only when purchasing a vehicle and the additional guarantee of a solvent person is required.

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